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Live Event Painting News


2011-2012, Centennial Celebration, Peoria Arizona. The city of Peoria, Arizona commissioned a painting from artist Samantha Smith for their public art collection to commemorate Arizona's 100th birthday.  The title "Centennial Celebration" features three festivals in one painting.  The painting is displayed and can be viewed by the public in the Peoria Library.

 2011, Holiday Festival, Osuna Park, Peoria, AZ

 2012, Centennial Celebration, Centennial Park, Peoria, AZ

 2012, Pioneer Day Parade, Old Town Peoria, AZ

"Centennial Celebration" Peoria, Arizona 2011-2012


 DAILY REPORTS: What Happened at the CoreNet Global Summit in Phoenix?

Grand Opening Reception Sunday, 19 September, 2010  6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m.

Celebrating The Authenticity of Place
'That Which Cannot Be Conjured or Kindled'

Live jazz, artistry and the flavors of Phoenix set a desert-warm tone for the kick-off of the CoreNet Global Summit in Phoenix on Sunday evening. Many of the 1,600 corporate real estate (CRE) industry professionals attending the Summit crowded into the Sheraton Hotel here to celebrate a more upbeat CRE industry vibe, and to appreciate how things are so different in the American Southwest like the splendid palate of a desert sunset or the seemingly infinite views of the horizon. Phoenix, like so much of the wide-open and vast Southwestern landscape, could compete for the title, "Land of the Big Sky."

LEFT: Artist Samantha Smith puts her creative touch on the Sunday night Opening Reception. CENTER: Economic developers Don Alexander (left) and Myles Stempin celebrate their new executive appointments. RIGHT: Jazz rifts also flavored the arts ambience.

The Gala theme, "The Art of the Reception," conveyed the texture of the Phoenix lifestyle, a feeling that many locals claim "cannot be conjured, landscaped or kindled with twinkling bulbs." John Ford knew that. So did Frank Lloyd Wright. These creative giants left their mark on Phoenix. Today, the works and performances of local artists on display at the opening event carried the same feeling of authenticity melded from fire and wood, sky and sun, sand and stone reflected from nearby Camelback Mountain and Squaw Peak. And, of course, the desert.     Richard Kadzis


"Think outside the box when it comes to entertainment for your next event."

Live event painter Samantha Smith captures your corporate meeting or event as it happens - with the canvas frequently turned toward the crowd, so you can see her work her magic.  But don't worry about showing your good side; she stays true to the goings-on, she says, but "I paint the inner supermodel in everyone"

Southwest Meetings and Events 2009 - Brooke Stevenson


"How will you remember your wedding day?"

Looking for the Ultimate Keepsake?  Meet Samantha Smith, Arizona's Premier Live Event Painter.  For the past eight years Samantha has been capturing unforgettable occasions live on her canvas for all to watch.  With her signature brush strokes and brightly colored paints Samantha's work has become a collector's favorite from coast to coast.  Having your special occasion captured on canvas means your memories no longer have to be kept in photo albums.   What will your wedding painting look like?

Arizona Weddings Magazine 2008


"Ask Us Anything: Expert Answers to Your Wedding Worries"

Q:  I want to do something really interesting at our wedding that guests will always remember.  What are some unique ideas?

A:  Samantha Smith of Scottsdale is known as Arizona's Premier Live Event Painter.  She is available to paint your wedding and reception live as guests look on.  Her paintings capture moments quickly using abstract forms that capture the lighting and mood of the event.  "My favorite part of painting weddings is that I loved going to weddings as a child.  I'm so thrilled to be a part of people's special day," Samantha says.  She also paints from photographs.  This gives you the option to point out your favorite moments to have Samantha paint them with more attention to detail.

Arizona Bride Spring/Summer 2007 - Kristen Bustamante


"Creating keepsakes that will never fade..."

Is there a bridal gift for the bride and groom who have EVERYTHING?  A gift so unique that no one would dream of returning it?  A gift so personal it will touch the hearts of everyone who sees it?  The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES. 

Samantha Smith, a live event painter, creates high-end treasures and keepsakes for all occasions.  Still in her twenties, Samantha owns her own company, Paintings by Samantha, LLC.  She is commissioned by billionaires to paint their daughters' weddings, graduation parties, sweet sixteen parties, intimate parties and even eightieth birthday parties.  From baby showers to fashion shows; from jazz festivals to bat mitzvahs; from crazy hat parties to weddings;  Samantha and her work are in great demand in the valley.

Miss Smith employs the primitive style of a very famous earlier painter, Anna Roberts (more famously known as Grandma Moses).  Samantha uses the colors of the event accented with lots of black and white lines to make all the important figures stand out.  It is an intriguing style that lends itself well to her wonderful representations of weddings and other festive parties. 

Sometimes having Samantha paint the live event is the gift and at other times she creates a painting from a photograph.  Samantha says children are drawn to her work "kids will stand inches away from me as I paint and watch to see if I put them in the painting".

When asked about her goals Samantha can regal you with wonderful dreams which could include painting a Donald Trump engagement party, "again?", a presidential inaugural ball or anything Oprah Winfrey could possible ask for.  When Oprah calls Samantha is ready. 

Samantha in her ever present French beret, is a petite bundle of energy with flashing brown eyes that miss nothing of the swirling party or event she is commissioned to paint.  To listen to Samantha's dreams for her future is to know that she is headed for greater and greater fame.

The Wedding Chronicle, March/April 2006


"Reinventing the family portrait"

   "What a bunch of characters, family portrait is fun and colorful"  Lisa Altman was in quite a quandary about what to get her dad for his 60th birthday.  Really, how many shirts and ties did he need.  Then she saw a painting done by Scottsdale artist Samantha Smith.  Altman figured it would be perfect for her dad Geoff Blum. 

   Smith makes her living commemorating events.  She paints the honoree at center stage, surrounded by guests and all the setting details, such as birthday cakes and decorations.  The paintings are fun and colorful.  And everyone is thin.  That's Smith's style.

   At the birthday party, held at the Blum's home in Scottsdale, Smith painted an outline, placing Blum and his wife, Ellen, in the center surrounded by relatives and friends.  Palm trees, the night sky, balloons and more add detail.  Smith was the hit of the party, at least until the belly dancer arrived.  (The belly dancer is in the painting, too.)

    Geoff Blum liked Smith's depiction of him.  "I love it - she gave me hair and made me skinny, " he said.  He appreciates  that the painting includes not only him but the people who attended the party.  "It accomplishes a lot more than an individual piece," he said.  Altman was also pleased.  "I wanted something different and fun," she said.  "I got exactly what I wanted."  The painting hangs in the Blum's entryway.

The Arizona Republic- Home, Saturday, February 4, 2006 - Sue Doerfler


"Artist of the Month"

Samantha Smith likes to think of herself as the ultimate party crasher.  Armed with her paintbrush, canvas and keen observation skills, the Arizona native has attended everything from black-tie affairs to racy Hollywood lingerie parties with one mission in mind - to paint them.  Smith says her unique technique for capturing a moment came by accident one night at a house party in the Hollywood Hills, where she decided to paint several of the party goers as they milled about.  She says the positive reaction was overwhelming, and soon, the popularity of her services skyrocketed.

"What I think people like about my work is that they can see themselves in it and that creates a sense of ownership," says Smith, who returned to the valley two years ago to continue her work in her home state. 

Smith who has done nothing but commission her work over the last few years, just finished displaying a 12-peice set for the city of Glendale, AZ and will continue painting parties for people who want to record their occasion on canvas rather than film.  But plan ahead if you want Smith to show up at your party - her waiting list can be up to six weeks long.

Phoenix Magazine, January 2006 - Scott Buros


"Chosen Few Deserve the Best"

 Giving a personal gift, especially for people you know well, is wonderful.  It let's them know you selected it just for them.  Commemorate your family's next big event with a personalized painting by Scottsdale native Samantha Smith.  Smith comes to your event and paints on-site. 

The Arizona Republic - Home, "Holiday Gift Guide" Saturday, December 3, 2005   Megan Finnerty


"Painting the Town"

  Local artist Samantha Smith shares her impression of Glendale living at gallery opening.  Artist Samantha Smith says picking a favorite painting out of the 12 she was commissioned to do for the City of Glendale would be like "picking a favorite kid".

  Smith was hired by the city about a year and a half ago to paint six city functions and six of the city's historic places.  The paintings will be shown at Glendale's historic Sahuaro Ranch Museum when it opens for the season October 1, 2005.  Smith's work will be displayed until November 27, 2005. 

  Though Smith works with a fairly common media (acrylics), it's the type of artwork that she does that is so unique.  Smith has a steady business of painting parties, weddings and functions of all sorts.  And she does it all live.  She's one of only three such artists in the country, but she didn't start off painting parties.  She discovered her profession when she was asked to paint at one of her own shows at a gallery in Hollywood, California.  She did, and the concept grew from there.  "I try to capture the essence of the event going on," she says of her work.

"All in the family"

  Smith has been drawing and painting since she can remember.  Her grandfather was an artist and taught her much of what she knows.  He used to pull out one of his many Arizona Highways magazines, have Smith choose her favorite photograph in the issue and have her paint it.  "I started painting Native American art," she says.  "I won three Best of Shows at the Arizona State Fair when I was 10, 11, and 12."

  Now she says her style is more in line with modern impressionism.  And in fact, she says painting live is something that was quite popular with the French impressionists - that is until the camera was invented and took the place of live painting.  So, in a way, Smith is reviving a lost art - something she was thrilled to share with the City of Glendale.

"City Scape's"

  The 12 paintings Smith did for the city include The Spicery, The Bead Museum, Catlin Court, Sahuaro Ranch, Downtown Glendale, Fiesta Glendale, The Jazz and Blues Festival, Glendale Glitters, Enchanted Evenings, Glitter and Glow, The Glendale Chocolate Affair, and Murphy Park.  She says she likes them all for different reasons.  "I see myself in the people of Glendale," she says.

  The opening reception for Smith's work at Sahuaro Ranch will be September 30, 2005 from 6-8pm.  For more information on the exhibit call 623-930-4200.

The City of Glendale, Arizona Press Release September 26, 2005 - Linda Peters 



   It all started four years ago when Samantha Smith was asked to paint at Nayib Estefan's party (Gloria Estefan's son) in the Hollywood Hills.  "I only had one day to prepare and I was so nervous.  When the party started there was this great energy in the room, so I just painted the people there," Smith says.

  Little did she know that years later she would have her own company, Paintings by Samantha, LLC, and paint at weddings for multi-millionaires, graduation parties for small intimate gatherings, a picnic for two, a dozen paintings for the city of Glendale and 50th birthday parties at the Ritz Carlton, Phoenix.

  Thanks to Smith, memories no longer have to be kept in photo albums.  As Arizona's premiere live event painter, Smith creates keepsakes that capture raw emotion during unforgettable occasions.

  Within the last year Paintings by Samantha, LLC, has become a topic of conversation in Phoenix.  Smith has appeared on local talk shows, at high-end events such as the Phoenix Zoofari and at an event for the city of Glendale every month.  Later this year the City of Glendale will show all twelve of her paintings at the historical Sahuaro Ranch museum. 

  Smith has seen a trend in gift giving.  Sometimes Smith herself standing behind her canvas and easel at a party is the gift, other times she is asked to create something from a picture.

  "My work gives me a huge amount of satisfaction, but it feels so great when my clients see their piece for the first time.  Some of them laugh, some cheer and others cry.  It just lights me up inside," she says.

  Smith says children are especially drawn to what she does.  "Kids will stand inches away from me as I'm painting and wait to see if I put them into the little piece of history that will eventually go on someone's wall."

  Still years shy of 30, Smith is a self aware woman.  Though she loves painting in her home town, Phoenix, her goal is to go national.  The petite, down-to-earth artist has her mind set on painting events like Donald Trump's one year anniversary party, the Presidential Inaugural Ball and anything for Oprah.

  This artist has a sharp mind and when she talks about what she sees for herself in the future, there's no doubting that she'll eventually get there.

ITEM Magazine, May 2005 - Carrie Severson


"Guitar Scene Fills Tall Order"

  Samantha Smith has a knack for capturing the essence of a room.  She uses those talents to paint colorful portraits that commemorate parties and weddings, and people pay her to watch.  But recently, the 27 year old Valley native pushed her "live event artist" abilities beyond the stretched canvas she usually works with.  She became one of  the more than 80 artists who decorated 10-foot-tall guitars.

  Smith joins the ranks of contributors that include two bands with Tempe roots, the Gin Blossoms and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.  American Idol's Ryan Seacrest, and musicians Eddie Van Halen and Stevie Nicks also have contributed to what's being touted as one of the largest public art projects in Arizona's history. 

  It's all for a good cause.  The guitar artwork will be auctioned February 4th, 2005.  The money is going to Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Central Arizona and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Education Fund.  The Public unveiling of the guitars is Friday.  On Tuesday, 20 of them will make their way to downtown Tempe and be placed along Mill Avenue.

  The silhouette of Smith's fiberglass Fender Stratocaster towers over her 5-foot-3 frame.  But she had big ideas that quickly filled the Four Peaks Brewing Co.-sponsored guitar.  Like much of her artwork she does for parties, Smith painted a people filled scene.  This time it was the bustling patio at Four Peaks.

  The restaurant and bar is known for its home-brewed ales and is a Tempe haunt for those who like to relax outside.  Smith captured one of the happy-hour crowds during an evening in late June.  She walked around snapping photos of people and then set up to work painting.  "It was nice and warm outside but everyone was in great spirits," she said.  "The crowd was so colorful, full of big burly guys drinking beer."  She painted for some six hours evening, outlining the brewery's patrons and century-old brick architecture in black acrylic on the guitar's surface.  She had to wait to paint the top because she couldn't reach. 

  The restaurant owners and employees were thrilled with the results, said Josh Townsley, general manager.  "It's fantastic and so neat you can pick out who people are, said Townsley, who is depicted in the lower left corner.

 The Arizona Republic-Tempe- September 22, 2005 - Katie Nelson


"GuitarMania Continues To Rock The Valley"

  What is Four peaks Brewery all about?  Great Beer, great atmosphere, great people, Arizona's largest brewery and restaurant knew they wanted their guitar to focus on the elements that make Four Peaks great, so they called on Samantha Smith to make that happen.  As Arizona's premier live event painter, Samantha has painted at wedding for multi-millionaires, graduation parties for small intimate gatherings, a picnic for two, a dozen paintings for the city of Glendale, and now can add Arizona's largest microbrewery to her repertoire. 

   Samantha's work captures raw emotion during unforgettable occasions, as well as the magic in every day moments.  A packed happy hour at Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe served as a perfect opportunity to create a guitar that reflected the best part of the brewery: its patrons

   "We had a lot of fun seeing the guitar come together," said Josh Townsley, "and we couldn't be happier that our patrons loved it as well."

Travel Host Magazine- GuitarMania, August 2005


"Samantha Smith paints the town red... blue, green, purple and more!"

  The Glendale Office of Tourism has commissioned local artist Samantha Smith to create twelve still-lifes of Glendale that capture the essence of this enchanted area on canvas. 

  Plans include paintings of the Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival, the Glendale Chocolate Affaire, Glendale Glitters, and Enchanted Evenings.  In addition, timeless renderings of Historic Old Towne, Catlan Court, Murphy park, The Bead Museum, The Spicery, and Historic Sahuaro Ranch will also be featured on canvas.

   When complete, the art will be showcased at Historic Sahuaro Ranch in September 2005.  We invite you to stop be the Glendale Visitor Center to take a peek at the recently completed canvas of Catlan Court.  Samantha has truly captured the charm, friendliness and beauty of the Catlan Court Shopping District.

The Glendale Office of Tourism, 2004 News Release


   Although she spends more time observing parties than participating, Samantha Smith is no wallflower.  Creating quick snapshots of reality on canvas, painted with abstract forms, Smith captures the raw emotion people express during a celebration.  From baby showers to weddings, fashion shows to parties, Smith's paintings leave a permanent print with more character than any photograph."

 Desert Living Magazine, Jan/Feb 2004 - Carrie Severson


  Anyone can hire a photographer.  What about a party painter?  Meet Samantha Smith, an Arizona native and third generation artist. She paints "live" - setting up easels at events such as gallery openings, weddings and private parties and capturing the event in acrylic paint and brushwork.  Samantha's also resurrecting a lost art.  Before photography, painters and sketch artists were the only way to memorialize important gatherings.

 This Just In, March 2004 - Dawson Fearnow


"Valley Artist Paints Your Wedding While You Watch!"

  Imagine attending a wedding or reception and seeing yourself in an acrylic painting at the end of the night.  Can there be a more unique and perfect way to immortalize your most important party?  Hardly. 

  Meet Samantha Smith a Live-Event Artist.  As amazing as it seems, Samantha will attend your event and within hours you have a painting of your event down to the tiniest details.  For the past four years, her "minds eye" has been capturing special occasions, guests expressions, their attire and everything else.  "It's a keepsake people treasure for the rest of their lives." said Smith.  "Some people are overjoyed, some even cry when they see the finished work"  Most people have never seen themselves in a painting and are delighted to see how they look on canvas."

  Samantha began her artistic career as a child, much to her parents dismay by using the walls of their home as her first canvas.  Since then she is making them very proud and quickly becoming a local artistic legend painting parties every other day. 

  She began as a serious oil painter often taking years to complete a single painting.  While exhibiting in a  Los Angeles art gallery they asked her to paint during one of their shows as entertainment.  She tried it and found out she had a hidden talent in painting people quickly while still capturing the essence of each person at the party in exact detail.

I DO! Magazine, July 2004 - Brian Muir 


"Party Girl"

Q: How Long have you pursued art and how did your interest begin?

A: My interest in art began when I was a small child, and I have always found some kind of medium to create my art.  Whether it involved salt and pepper shakers and glue on the couch or scissors and Barbies, I was always looking for my next form of expression.

Q: What is the best thing about the process of creating your work?

A: I paint live at parties and during events.  I get reactions from people around me; the best part is the "Wow!" you get from someone who is in the painting and didn't know.  When they cry and get emotional, that's really rewarding.  I love to catch a piece of time during a party and put it on canvas.

Q: From where does your inspiration come from?

A: When I am painting a party I look for those people who can get up and dance all by themselves.  It's so contagious that soon everyone is dancing.  There are a lot of raw feelings during a celebration that come through on the canvas.

Q: What are you trying to express through your finished work?

A:  The happiness, joy and good times that people express during weddings, birthdays and gatherings is what I want everyone to experience on canvas.  My paintings show an abstract form of reality during an event.  The guests enjoy the experience, and those who take home a painting enjoy a captured memory.

Q: If you were forced to shut down your artistic side for a year, how would that affect you?

A: Finding another outlet would be my first priority.  Painting is such a great form of self-expression and accomplishment.  It helps relieve stress by making you concentrate and be patient.

Q: What is your ultimate goal regarding your pursuit of art?

A: "Find something in life that makes you happy and find a way to earn a living from it" are words I live by.  Painting people at parties makes me happy.  I am always looking for the next party.

Scottsdale Tribune, August 2003 - Michelle Burgess



Paintings by Samantha, llc

Samantha Smith

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